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Where is GDI+ Architect?

The short version is that it's on BitBucket as open source.

My name is Justin Weinberg and MRGSoft was my one man show.

Back in In 2003 I started MRGSoft with the intent of marketing and creating some great developer tools. Of all the tools I created, the best selling tool was called GDI+ Architect. This tool let developers draw GDI+ objects on a screen and generate C#, VB, or SVG printing code.

Over time things began to slow down in the .NET community as relates to print documents and drawing with GDI+. The new buzz was around XAML which quickly advanced beyond the GDI+ .NET libraries. Sales started to slow down and I decided to make GDI+ Architect free.

Around the 2006 time frame interest in the product had practically stopped. My focus changed to other areas of .NET. Eventually I decided it was time to let mrgsoft.com go.

So I was fairly surprised when a bit before December 2010 someone contacted me looking for GDI+ Architect. They had inherited some legacy code and still had the .gdd files. I realized that there were probably other people who needed the tool still and may not have access to it. In February of 2011 I decided to take the next step and release the original source code to GDI+ Architect as open source.

While I don't plan on it being an active open source project, I do want to make sure if you need the source, you can get to it.

So that's it! If you have questions about MRGSoft or GDI+ Architect, please visit my blog at codeconfessions.com and use the contact form. You can also usually find me on twitter @codeconfessions.